Bringing Home My New Puppy…

Where did I leave off in my last post?  Oh, you didn’t read it, better go and read that one first! 

So, practically ten minutes after reading her email saying we come and see him, we were in the car and off to Pennsylvania.  Just to remind you, here’s that picture that stole my heart away:

It took a little over two hours to get there.  I was impressed with their facilities.  They are called D and J Kennels.  If you are interested in Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes, I would highly recommend obtaining a puppy through them.  They have been breeding for twenty-two years, and everything looked very professional. The also provide boarding services if you are in their area, at a very affordable price.  The land was clean, freshly mowed, nice green grass.  They has a nice home and pool.  The Kennel was behind the house.  Nice looking, and when you walked in, there were no nasty smells.  There were no smells of cleaner either.  It just smelled fresh.  They made a very good impression on me.

First they showed us the Dame (Mom) named Heidi and the Sire (Dad) named Conner.  They are beautiful animals.  All of their dogs looked healthy, beautiful, and well cared for.

Here is the Dame, Heidi:

Here is the Sire, Conner:

Beautiful aren’t they.  Heidi is normally about 85 pounds and Conner is 100 pounds with his winter coat.

Then we went and looked at the puppy.  He was ready for us, playing with his sister.  So cute and adorable, I just had to have him.

So, we adopted Blake on August 13, 2011 at eight weeks old and thirteen pounds. (insert lucky number 13!)

Me and my Baby Blake

Blake is a purebred, AKC Certified, Alaskan Malamute.  He comes from a great bloodline of Malamutes, of which his grandfather was a showdog.  We have high hopes for Blake becoming as beautiful and strong as his Dame and Sire.

Little Blake made himself comfortable for the two and something hour ride home.  He stretched out over my lap and put his head on the console, where he could be front and center for some nice and cold air conditioning.

Blake Baby Sleeping in the Car

Blake Baby Sleeping

We finally got home.  This was a whole-day trip that was unplanned. And we ended up with a new puppy! I couldn’t be happier, except I was very tired from the drive and I did not sleep well the night before.  At home, we were unprepared for puppyhood.  We didn’t have any puppy pads, so we just put newspapers down in a corner as a way to start house training him. But you know what? When he had to pee…he went right to the paper! And he has every single time!  Certainly impressive for an eight week old puppy!

The meeting of the dogs… we brought Blake in and let in get accustomed to his surroundings and kept Zeke outside for a few minutes.  Then we brought Zeke in and held on to him (just to make sure).  They looked at each other, and then suddenly, little Blake started barking (and it’s an adorable little bark too!) at Zeke.  I would have imagined it to go the other way around, but I guess little Blake was introducing himself to Zeke.  They then sniffed each other, and checked each other out, and I suppose they approve of each other.  Zeke has grumbled at Blake a few times, but Zeke is like an old man, he grumbles a lot anyway.  Blake barks and make noises too.  The funniest thing I’ve seen so far is one the times they were sniffing each other, Blake was sniffing Zeke’s pee-pee, licked it (gross, I know, but dogs do that) and then bit it!  Zeke yelped (I guess so!).

So, in the whole two days we’ve had Blake, he’s been a blast.  He cuddly, adorable, playful, beautiful, and I want to just love him all up.  He has slept right by my side on the floor next to the couch both nights so far.  We haven’t figured out a plan for nights, as I will not be sleeping on the couch until he’s house broken.  Even in the middle of the night, he goes to the newspaper and does his business.  I’m still very impressed by this.  We are now trying to catch him walking over to the paper, and taking him outside to go potty.  And when he goes potty outside he gets a treat!

Here are some pictures I have taken so far:

Taking a nap with his toys

Look at those eyes!

Out for the count...AND check out the paws!

Mommy, no pictures while I'm eating, please!

Cuddled up on the couch for his nap

I very much look forward to seeing little baby Blake grow up into a full-grown beautiful, majestic Alaskan Malamute.

And hopefully, thru my blogging, you will join me on this journey.


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