Life with Blake…

Oh how life changes when you bring an eight week old puppy into the house!  The past week has been one filled with adjustments, changes, and fun for everyone in the Miller household.

Right away when we brought Blake home, he was going potty on newspaper (what a blessing to have that house training started for us), so we are working on getting him to go on the potty pads ALL the time and getting used to a regular schedule of going outside to go potty as well. We make sure to treat him every time he goes potty outside as positive reinforcement.

For this first week, for a multitude of reasons, I have been sleeping on the couch in the basement with Blake.  We tried over the weekend to bring him upstairs, but he doesn’t have 100% aim on the potty pads, and when we put him on the bed, it’s hard to get him to settle down.  So two of the three nights we have tried taking him upstairs with us, I’ve ended up back on the couch.  It’s comfortable, so I don’t mind too much.  I also have to remind myself it’s temporary.  He’s a baby and as much as we are getting used to him, he is getting used to us.

Zeke has been cautious when interacting with Blake.  I can’t read his mind, but I can guess that the little one is getting on Zeke’s nerves a bit.  Well, you can’t really blame Zeke.  There’s been lots of change in the house over the last month, with our loss of Ty and adoption of Blake.  Not to mention, Blake thinks Zeke’s tail is a play toy — I suppose that would irritate me too, a little puppy nibbling and pulling on my tail, and chasing me around like “PLAY WITH ME, PLAY WITH ME!” They bark at each other a lot…Zeke barks (I imagine he’s saying leave me alone!) and Blake barks (in this adorable, pretty big bark for such a little guy, c’mon, big brother, play with me please!)

A few days after we brought Blake home, he started having, um, bowel issues.  I feel bad for the little tike because we haven’t been able corrected the problem completely yet.  We had him on the same food he was on at the breeder, but perhaps all the change in his life is causing a little doggie IBS.  So, I checked with the breeder, and she suggested feeding him boiled hamburger and rice, and giving him kaopectate.  Being me, I had to  check the the active ingredient in kaopectate, and its bismuth. And since I’m a bit thrift, and there is no generic I could find for kaopectate at the local pharmacy, we went with a generic bismuth (better known as bright pink Pepto-Bismul).  If you’ve ever had to give liquid medication to a dog, you’ll understand we are having so much fun doing that twice a day.  Speaking of feeding, the boy eats more than my full grown (65 pounds) Zeke!  He eats a cup of food in the morning and a two cups of food in the evening; and he attacks it like we starve him, scarfing it up as soon as we put the bowl down.  Yesterday, he got some rice on the top of his snout, and used that big ole paw to wipe it off and eat it!  So cute!

When we first brought Blake home, he would only go down the steps, err, slide down the steps.  In just a week he’s conquered going Up and Down the steps (and our steps are pretty steep) with ease.  He’s even got a little bounce to him when he comes down, like a bouncy ball you drop down the stairs.

It’s amazing to think that in only a week, we welcomed him into our home, and he has learned so much!

Little Blake has some spunk.  He’ll run around and around and around…and slip and slide on the basement floor like a crazed little puppy.  Because he is!  He loves to chew on his stuffed toys, and play tug of war with you.  When he’s being sneaky, he’ll hid under the chair, because he knows we can’t readily get to him there.  He paws and nibbles at you for attention.  How could you not pay attention to that face??

So, that’s week ONE.  We are looking forward to many, many weeks and years to enjoy with Blake.

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