Where Were You…When the Earth MOVED???

So, the BIG QUESTION…Where where you and What were you doing when the earthquake hit?

Yes, I know those Californians are laughing at us for making a big deal out of a 5.9 earthquake, but that’s the largest one we’ve had in history! in this area I think it’s pretty amazing what the earth can do and how it reminds us of it’s awesome power once in a while.  Kinda puts us in our place.

So, where was I?  I was at my desk at work, and I noticed the glass starting to shake (which never happens), but I figured it was a large gust of wind.  But it didn’t stop.  And then the entire building start to shake and the roof sounded like it was going to come off.  We’ve been having many problems with the HVAC unit on my side of the office, and we seriously thought the HVAC unit was doing something crazy and causing the roofing to shake very badly.  An earthquake didn’t enter my mind.  My boss hit the off button on the thermostat and as soon as he did that, the shaking stopped. Go figure. So we seriously thought it was the HVAC unit.  My boss, who has spent a good deal of money on repairs for this particular HVAC unit was a bit angry, grabbed the keys to get onto the roof and headed out the door.  Well, that’s when we noticed that the building across from us had evacuated.  Hmmm…. Perhaps…it…was…an…earthquake?!?

And then we started getting calls and texts from family members and friends, which confirmed our suspicion.

Here’s what I believe.  Yesterday was my dad’s 67th birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!) The earth did a little tremble with just the thought of the wrath of Sonny here for another year.  So, the earth moved because it was my daddy’s birthday.  I’m sticking with that, none of that geological nonsense.

And by the way, we are not complete morons.  Apparently, where my husband works, they also thought the shaking was coming from the rood and had something to do with the air handlers.  And I saw on Facebook from a couple friends that thought it had something to do with their HVAC and/or HVAC people on the roof.

Now for the important stuff…Do you know what to do in the case of an earthquake?  How about a tornado? Flood? Landslide? The American Public Health Association has published fact sheets on many emergencies such as these, and many more.  Access them here.

Let me know by leaving a comment what you were doing and what you thought was going on when the earthquake hit!

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