How did Hurricane Irene Affect YOU?

How did Hurricane Irene affect you and your family?

Many of my family, friends, and loved ones had minor damage to their homes, suffered power outages (and still are), but really that’s about it.  Although Maryland got hit pretty hard with the power outages, I think we made out okay, everything considering.

My heart goes out to all those on the east coast who have flooded basements, lost their homes, and most of all lost loved ones due to this hurricane.

Our Story:

Jon and I planned months ago to go to Hershey last weekend, and Hurricane Irene wasn’t going to change that.  We prepared our house as best we could — waterproofed the basement doors, cleaned out the sump pump drain, and brought in the outdoor furniture.  There wasn’t much more that could be done.

We planned on taking the doggies with us to PA, but because of the incoming storm, my parents cancelled their plans and offered to watch the pups.  Which was s good thing because that meant we would take the Fusion instead of the Explorer and save lots on gas.  So, THANK YOU Dad and Annie!

So, after work on Friday, I headed home, and Jon had everything ready.  The dogs had already been picked up.  We packed the car and were on our way.  For being a Friday evening, traffic was not as bad as it usually is, so we made pretty good time into Hershey.

Our minds were on the path of the hurricane, but it was difficult to get “local” information from PA about MD.  The weather station was on television nonstop, as we worried about what was going on, but not getting many details.  Calling the parents didn’t help a whole lot because I got reports such as “yep, it’s been raining pretty hard for a while now,” and “the wind is starting to blow.”  The aren’t meteorologists, so you can’t expect perfect weather forecasts from them.

We tried to put that in the back of our minds, as there was nothing we could do from Hershey.  On Saturday we took a day trip to see a relative, and got up early Sunday morning to listen to a very good sermon on patience.  Then we had breakfast with Jon’s parents and grandparents, and headed back home.

It rained most of the way, but by the time we got close to home, the rain stopped.  Anxious to find out the potential damage and if we had power, we parked in front of the house, and started unloading the car.  The front of the house looked ok, and thank goodness, when we opened the door WE HAD POWER! The only damage incurred was a little roof damage and some branches in the backyard from the dry-rotted tree next door (which desperately needs to be cut down, as branches come down from the thing during every storm!).  I feel very blessed that we have power and have minimal damage to the house.

Please let me know what your experience during Hurricane Irene was like by leaving me a comment!

 Posted by CrimmyLynn
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