Read It First Giveaway: Jasmine and Fire by Salma Abdelnour‏

This week’s Read it First Giveaway is Jasmine and Fire, by Salma Abdelnour.

RIFers! In her poignant and humorous memoir, Salma Abdelnour takes you on her remarkable journey to resettle in Beirut after growing up in the U.S. and building a thriving career as a food and travel writer in New York City. You’ll love being her companion along the way, learning about Lebanon’s enduring traditions, particularly its extraordinary food culture.

“Salma Abdelnour captures the flavors of Beirut – the familiar mixed with the exotic – in her year-long search to rediscover her culture, with recipes that will let you experience the sublime flavors of Lebanese cooking…no matter where you are.” –David Lebovitz, author of The Sweet Life in Paris

Want to win this book? Head on over Read It Forward’s webpage HERE, enter in your information, and you will be entered into this week’s giveaway!

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