FREE Scrapbooking Font Downloads Site – Great Find!

Here’s a secret about me – I love to scrapbook, make cards, invitations, and publications – by hand and digitally.  OK, so maybe that’s not a secret…

However, finding good sites with FREE fonts you can download, now those are secrets.  At least most of them are kept from me.  Except I I came across a post by Deal Wise Mommy (great blogger who I look up to!) who lead me to a wonderful site called Kevin and Amanda that has tons of free fonts you can download!  Head on over to Kevin and Amanda and fall in love with all their free downloadable fonts!

Steps to Download A Free Font from the Kevin and Amanda Website

  1. Visit the Kevin and Amanda Website
  2. Click on the Font you want
  3. Save the Zip File
  4. Click on the Zip File (i.e. if you saved it on your desktop) and click “UnZip.”
  5. When the new folder appears, open it and click on the font.  You will see a new window open, at the top click “Install Font.”
  6. You’re Done!  At this point you can delete the Zip folder and the Font folder.  The Font is now installed on your computer.

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