Happy {belated} 1st Anniversary, Hershey Wishes and Kisses!


Hershey Wishes and Kisses…


all my dreams come true!

One Year and Counting!  It’s hard to believe that on July 1, 2011, I made my very first blog post using wordpress after taking “the plunge” and switching from the (seemingly much simpler) blogger platform.  There were many reasons for switch, but mainly, I wanted a fresh start with my blog and the ability to really dig my heels in and make my own, and I wanted to drop the .blogspot.com from the domain name of Hershey Wishes and Kisses.

My aspirations for Hershey Wishes and Kisses have and always will be quadruple-fold: (1) to share my unique ability of finding freebies; using coupons creatively, spotting deals and sales, and combining deals and seals for the best savings; (2) provide honest reviews of products and services I or my readers would use; (3) host quality giveaways for my readers as a thank you for being loyal reader of Hershey Wishes and Kisses; and (4) share some of my life’s moments with my readers.  I always want to stay true to myself and my aspirations for this blog.

So…last year when I re-established Hershey Wishes and Kisses on wordpress, I made sure to devote time everyday to writing and posting.  But as time went on, I found that there is much more to authoring and owning a blog than merely writing and posting.  I can tell you that today, I take a different approach with my time management – I still devote time everyday to my blog, but it’s not always to writing – there are other tasks, such as researching, emails, product reviews, reading other blogs, and marketing that need to be completed.

Just like any new job, learning the in’s and out’s of blogging has a learning curve.  I’ve been a blogger for a few years, but I only became more ‘serious’ about my blogging this year, when I switched to wordpress.  I admit that I am still a beginner a blogging, and have lots to learn.  I look up at that learning curve and think “whoa;” there is so much you can learn, and no one place to obtain all the information.  It’s an online researching project, that just keeps going, and going.  As with everything you find online, some of the info is really helpful, and some it ends up wasting hours of your time and gets you nowhere.

I think it’s obvious, but I’ll still say it…blogging is one of my passions… I love to write and to share how save money, find freebies, conduct reviews and giveaways, and share the events in my life important to me.  But do bear in mind, even though I consider this a passion and an job all in the same breath, I do have a full-time career that I am fully engaged with as well. I am the Director of First Impressions (read Administrative Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Receptionist…) for a small architectural firm in the Baltimore area, and I love my job. So, things can get a little busy sometimes.

I look forward to many more years of posting at Hershey Wishes and Kisses…All My Dreams Come True.

Keep reading, I lots of good things in store for the future!

And thank you SO MUCH for reading my blog!!!

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