30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen – We Dream Big.  God Dreams Bigger.

“‘For I know the I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.'” -Jeremiah 29:11
“No longer forward nor behind I look in hope or fear; But grateful, take the good I find, the best of now and here.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

I am thankful that I am not an architect.  That’s right folks. I’ll say it again, I am thankful I am not an architect.

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was an architect.  As I grew into my teenage years, I realized, although I am good with mathematics, geometry was not a point.  So I thought about and shifted gears a bit and went down the path for interior design.  I signed up at the local community college, taking a few pre-requisite courses, but really digging into the art, design, and interior design courses.  I believe I finished all but one of the classes in the interior design program, but only a few core courses.  I did well.  I always did do well in school, especially in the arts and design realm.  However, there was one particular course where the students were to make a proposed layout of a room, select the furniture, the finishes, and create a presentation board.  We had pretend clients, who were other interior design students, ahead of this class.  It was then I realized I could never be an interior designer – I wouldn’t be able to create a client’s vision if it were ‘ugly.’

At the same time, I was still working on a private ambulance as an EMT, and volunteering at the local fire department.  So, I decided to change my major to nursing.  I love to help people, so this seemed like a natural choice.  Well, until I landed mu first “real” job (one that lasted more than six months).  I ended up working the company’s acquisition/development/construction team, with…an architect!  I learned what being an architect was really about.  An architect doesn’t get to just draw sketches all day, or play in CAD, or 3-D modeling software.  There’s a ton of paperwork, coordination, logistics, and responsibility that comes with being an architect.  I no longer work for that company, however I do work in a small architecture firm.  And I love it.  I can get just as close to the drawings, the coordination, the development of a building, and the construction of a building as I want to.  And they don’t mind if I ask questions, it means I’ll understand the process that much more.

I am better off in the position I am in at an architecture firm.  I am thankful that God led me down the long, winding path to where I am now, instead of letting me take the direct path to a career I would not enjoy.

What are you thankful for today?  

Please join me on this journey in celebrating 30 Days of Thanksgiving!

Please leave me a comment telling me what you are thankful for today, or how you plan to put gratitude in action! 

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