Eukanuba Extraordinary Nutrition Dog Food – A BzzAgent Product Review

If you’ve read some of my posts, then you probably know about my two fur babies…Zeke and Zihna – Zeke is about seven years old, a German Shepherd mix rescue, and the sweetest dog on earth and has been around since day one; we adopted Zihna in June, and she will be three years old tomorrow, and is a full-blooded German Shepherd.  Zihna is high-speed, low-drag, moving nonstop and Zeke is move as little as possible.

With my two babies in mind, I was invited by BzzAgent to join their Eukanuba with 3D DentaDefense dog food campaign, and I was certainly excited because feeding my two 70-lb doggies quality dog food doesn’t come cheap.

BzzAgent graciously provided me with a coupon good for up to a 20-lb bag of dog food, so the hubby and I set out to the pet store, and we decided on the Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Dog Food.  I was reading up on the benefits of the dog food and found out a very cool benefit to this food and an eye opening statistic about the general health of the dog population:

Did you know your dog may have dental health issues you can’t see? In fact, 85% of dogs have serious tartar build up by the age of three.* Plaque and tartar are often invisible to the naked eye, but with Eukanuba’s help, you don’t have to play pet detective to have a healthy, happy and smiling pooch.

Recommended by vets, Eukanuba with 3D DentaDefense™ keeps your dog in top condition from tooth to tail. Ensure your canine’s canines are healthy — feed your pup the only leading brand that provides complete nutrition and superior tartar protection in every adult and senior diet.

(*Source: Banfield Pet Hospital – State of Pet Health 2011 Report)

So here’s a couple pictures of Zihna, trying out her new dinner of Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Dog Food:





2012-12-19_16-12-30_390 (1)


If you can’t tell from the pictures, Zihna thoroughly enjoyed her new Eukanuba dinner.  Although Zeke didn’t make it into the photos, he also enjoyed his Eukanuba dinner.

The Eukanuba BzzAgent kit also contained a small black light and instructions on how to use the blacklight to check my dog’s teeth for tartar.  So the hubby and I checked their teeth.  I was surprised – Zihna’s teeth looked pretty good (much better than their initial condition from when we first adopted her – her teeth were terrible!) and good ole Zeke’s teeth looked pretty good for seven year old fellow..

After two weeks of feeding the Ukanuba to my dogs…

The tartar I did see on their teeth was diminished.  Both have shinier coats, better digestion of their food, and I have also seen an increase in energy from them.  Feeding the Eukanuba to my babies, I found this dog food to have many benefits over and above basic nutrition requirements of food alone.

I plan to continue to feed this Eukanuba dog food to my two German Shepherds.  I would highly recommend this food for all dogs, especially if they are in need better oral care, or additional nutrients in their diet in general.