FREE $3 Amazon MP3 Credit

Today Only (Thursday, July 5th) Amazon Local is offering a FREE Voucher for $3 Amazon MP3 to spend on Amazon Digital Services.

You can shop over 20 million songs and find new favorites  at the Amazon MP3 Store.  Use your FREE Voucher to pick up your new favorite album, put the finishing touches on your party playlist.  Music  purchased at Amazon MP3 can be played or downloaded on the web, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android Device with Amazon Cloud Player.  Bestselling albums are often as low as $2.00, and bestselling songs start as low as $0.99.

Please Note: Voucher will expire if not used towards a purchase at Amazon MP3 by July 12, 2012.  Customer is responsible for any purchase beyond $3, plus applicable taxes. Available to US Customers only. One voucher per customer.  Not redeemable towards other other types of merchandise sold at Voucher has no cash value.  Other conditions may apply.

Groupon Voucher Settlement

“You snooze, you lose” is no longer the case for Groupon customers (a daily deals site).  A class-action lawsuit may result in a refund for Groupon customers who bought deals between November 1, 2008 and December 1, 2011.

Groupon, a Chicago based company notified customers via email on Friday, May 25th of a proposed $8.5 million dollar settlement after over a dozen lawsuits in several different courts claimed, for example, that Groupon vouchers had illegal and undisclosed expiration dates and other restrictions, and did not make that information clear on the Groupon website.  Among the claims include some of the wording in Groupon’s find print that alleged to violate the federal gift card law that prohibits selling gift cards that expire in less than five years.

A judge must approve the proposed settlement during a final approval hearing on July 20th. Groupon, which established the $8.5 million settlement fund to issue refunds, less plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs,  has not admitted fault  by agreeing to the proposed settlement.

For more information on the settlement, head on over the Groupon Voucher Settlement webpage HERE.  If you are a Groupon customer and want to participate in the settlement, you MUST submit a CLAIM FORM HERE to receive a settlement voucher.  The amount to be refunded has not yet been determined.

Customers who object to the settlement, including the requested attorney’s fees, and decide to opt-out of settlement must file with the US District Court for the Southern District of California by July 6th.  Doing so would allow those customers to pursue their own legal actions against Groupon.

$10 for $20 Credit at

There are some really, really good daily deal sites that I like to check on a daily basis (when I have the time to do so!) and I am glad I took a look at Living Social, and found this AWESOME deal!

Over at Living Social, one the more popular and upscale daily deal sites (in my opinion), you can purchase a $20 credit to (where you can but practically anything at all!), for a mere $10! 

You read that right folks, a $20 credit to for only $10.  To snatch this deal up for yourself, CLICK HERE.

I got my certificate!  I don’t know what I want to get with it yet.  When I decide and make an order, I’ll let you know!  If you do get this certificate, please leave me a comment telling me so, and what you plan to purchase with it!

$10 for $50 Worth of Products at Vistaprint!

I just love checking out the daily deal sites to see what kinds of great are out there to be found!

If you are anything like me though, I have to stay diligent, and only purchase the ones I KNOW I am going use before the expiration date.  Well, here’s one that I absolutely LOVE!

On Living Social right now, for a mere $10, you can get a $50 certificate to Vistaprint (a great place online for stationary, business cards, greeting cards, just about everything! and at phenomenal prices!) – I’ll do the math for you, that’s a 80% savings from their regular retail price!

You can get lots of goodies for with this certificiate!  Hurry though, there are only a limited number available, and I don’t want you to get there and Living Social to be sold out of this awesome deal!

Once I make my order, I will post what I was able to  purchase with my certificate!

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