I took an “Easter” break from posting…Part I

I guess you could say I took a little bit of my own “spring break” from blogging…

And sometimes you need to, to recharge those brain cells, the body, and of course, at this time of year, the soul.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all sermon-ish on you, but I do have to tell you about my amazing weekend in Hershey (where the in-laws live).  They’re awesome too.  Like any marriage, it took a while to get to know them, and vice verse, but I think the “guards” are down now that it been a few years, and I thoroughly enjoy our visits.

I was sick last Wednesday and Thursday, so that’s what really began the lapse in posts.  I think allergies prompted a migraine, and if I don’t catch those suckers in time, they get to be bad.  So I was down for the count.  I learned my lesson, allergy medicine in the morning, every morning, until the pollen count goes down, way down.

Anyway, the office was closed Friday for the Easter holiday, so we planned to head to Hershey Thursday night if I was up to it.  I wasn’t.  And it’s a good thing.  One of the roads we take to Hershey was closed for two hours Thursday evening.  I can’t even and don’t want to imagine the backup of evening commute traffic combined with holiday traffic in the evening combined with a major interstate being shut down for two hours.  So I look at this way, I was supposed to be sick.  At any rate we headed off Friday morning, and traffic wasn’t bad at all.  We took our dog Zeke with us.

Friday was a day of relaxation, and celebration.  Friday was my grandparents-in-law Sixty-Third Wedding Anniversary!  Amazing!  My MIL, FIL, husband, and grandparent-in-law all celebrated together by having a feast of a lunch at home and then dessert.  We played rummikub (one of their favorite games), I squeezed in a quick nap, and my mo  ther-in-law and I even went over to the Hershey Outlets and shopped for a bit – I was impressed with my deals too!  I managed to get two very pretty dresses on clearance from White House Black Market (a store I love, but usually can’t afford to shop in) for seventy dollars.  I could only fin pictures of one of them on WHBL’s website…  this one screams Crimson (if you know me in person, I know you’d agree!).

Anyway, we picked up dinner at Jon’s favorite sub/pizza shop, and had an a delicious dinner, the three of us, as my father-in-law was working that evening (more on where he works in a bit).

I was still feeling a bit washed out, tired, and out of it, so we went to bed around 8:30.  Yup, that confirms it, I’m getting O-L-D.  I’m visiting family, and I go to bed at 8:30, I didn’t even make it to 9:00.  Oh well.

Next stop….Part II.

Thank you to our Veterans!

Today is November 11, 2011 (11/11/11), and is Veteran’s Day.  Please thank a veteran for their service today. 

In 1918, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day on the eleventh month (November 11th) the world rejoiced and celebrated, because after four years of a bitter war, the Allied powers signed a cease-fire agreement (an Armistice) with Germany at Rethondes, France.  This agreement brought Word War I to a close.  November 11, 1919, was made Armistice Day in the United States, to remember the sacrifices that men and women made during World War I in order to ensure a lasing peace.  

On Armistice Day, soldiers who survived the war marched in a parade through their home towns.  Politicians and veterans gave speeches and held ceremonies of thanks for the peace they had accomplished.  November 11th is also celebrated as Remembrance Day or Armistice Day in many portions of the world.

In 1953, the townspeople in Emporia, Kansas called the holiday Veteran’s Day in gratitude to the veterans in their town.  Soon after, Congress passed a bill, introduced by a Kansas congressman renaming the federal holiday to Veteran’s Day.  Beginning in 1954, the United States designated November 11th as Veterans Day to honor veterans of all US wars.

The Veterans Day National Ceremony is held on November 11th at Arlington National Cemetery.  The ceremony begins precisely at 11:00 am with a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknowns and continues with a parade of colors by veterans’ organizations and remarks from dignitaries.  The ceremony is intended to honor and thank all who have served in the United States Armed forces.

A personal note.  A special thank you today goes out to my loved ones –  

Thank you Jon, my loving husband, who served in the Marines.

Thank you Daddy, who served in the Navy.

Thank you Kim, my sister-in-law, who served in the Air Force, and is living in on a base in Germany with her husband, Shad.  Thank you Shad, my brother-in-law, who is currently serving in the Air Force, and is Kim’s Husband.

Thank you to Norman, my father-in-law, for serving in the Air Force.  Thank you to Benjamin, my brother-in-law, who served in the Navy.  And, thank you Grandpa Haiflich, who served in the Army.

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Remembering the Good Times…Part II

Remembering the Good Times…Part I was about my baby, Ty, and all the great and wonderful memories we shared as a family.

This past week was especially hard for me after losing Ty, because it was the thirteenth anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  I’ve always had a hard time when August 11th rolls around every year, but this year was very tough on me as I still felt very vulnerable from letting Ty go. Let’s be real, it all still hurts, but that particular day was difficult to handle.

I was up the night before, and in the morning I was (expectantly so) tired and upset, so I did not go to work.  This may not have been the best choice, but I felt emotionally unprepared to be professional that day.

So, Remembering the Good Times…Part II is all about Mommy and my wonderful memories of her.

This is one of my favorite pictures I have of us together, I wish the resolution was better.  I still have that dress.

My Mommy was a beautiful woman, with long, curly brown hair, and always loved me the way a Mommy should.  She loved me more.  I was blessed to have a Mommy who loved me and cared for me.  She always took care of me.

Our favorite games to play were Sorry, Mouse Trap, and Rummy.  We also played Nintendo Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda.

Wherever Mommy went, I went with her.  This is one of the biggest memories of my Mom.  We would go to my aunt, uncle, or grandma’s house, and instead of playing with my cousins, I would sit with my Mommy at the table while she talked.  I usually wasn’t allowed out of her sight when I was little.

I can remember one Halloween, dressing up and everything, but instead of going trick-or-treating, we went to the local High’s and bought candy.  She was afraid someone might put something in the candy if we went door to door.  I didn’t understand for a long time, but I do now.  She always protected me.

She had a red Camaro, with vanity tags CRIMSON.  After she passed, I drove the Camaro for a while, but it was getting older, and I needed a more reliable car to drive.  But for the time I did drive the CRIMSON Camaro (still with the same plates), I felt closer to her.

My Mommy loved Rod Stewart.  She used to call me Hot Legs.  I can recall listening to Rod Stewart all the time in the car.  And guess what, I can sing just about every sing song he released since I was born from memory.  Now, listening to Rod Stewart calms my soul.  As an honor to my mother, at my wedding, we played many Rod Stewart songs.  “Forever Young” was the Father-Daughter Dance, “Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You)” was our wedding song, and we played Hot Legs too.

I have many pictures of my Mommy, but very few scanned into the computer.  Instead, I have created a scrapbook to contain all the memories of my Mommy.  I will not cut or damage the photos, just embellish around them, as the photos I have of her are sacred to me.

Mom, I love you and miss you so, I hope you are proud of what you see from up in Heaven.  Sometimes, it’s as if I can feel your presence when I need support.  I love you.

And my fellow readers, thanks for sharing in some memories with me.

Remembering the Good Times…Part I

The last few weeks have been hard on many for many reasons.

On the 1st of August, I had to put my “baby” Ty, to sleep.  It took all my strength inside and out to make the right decision for him.  But it was the right one, to release him from the misery he was in.  I just miss him lots and lots.

But instead of dwelling on that hard day, I’ve been trying to remember all the wonderful and fantastic times we had with Ty.  Ty was a rambunctious, fun, loving, and unique animal.  He was as much a part of our family as any human would be.  Ty was very special in many ways.

Ty had lots of nicknames – TyBear, TyBo, Re-Re, and of course TYLER! when he was in trouble (just like a kid).

Since that fateful December evening Jon and I drove to Gap, Pennsylvania to adopt little Ty, he was full of energy and spunk.  We had our choice of puppies, and we picked the most lively one with the BIG paws.  Jon ultimately made the decision and it was a good one.  Ty was so special, and still is.  He was my “Christmas Present” of 2007.  Jon had just proposed to me that Thanksgiving, and I was still in the process of moving in to his house.

Although he didn’t howl at first, he tried to bark, which was quite funny.  We think he was imitating Zeke.  But as he grew up to be a big boy, he learned to howl, and “talked” to us on a regular occasion.  Even Zeke tried to learn to howl from Ty.  It was great to see.  They were two brothers who play-fought all the time, and to watch them play was quite something.  They were just playing as dogs do, but the the teeth would come out, barking and howling would commence, and they pulled and nibbled on each other and rolled all other the floor, pinning each other down as if it were a wrestling contest.

Ty was hard-headed, but incredibly smart too.  Multiple times he manages to escape from his crate inexplicably, he managed to open doors, and obtain items that most certainly out of his reach.  Oh, that’s were another nickname came into play – Houdini.

When Ty wanted something, he went for it.  We’ve caught him jumping on the dining room table (yes, bad dog), grabbing food products off the counter, licking pots and pans clean from the sink and the stove…He was a determined dog.  Ty would slide down the slide, but run up it too, jump picnic tables and chairs.

He would get so excited to go outside, he would bust the door open with his head.  He loved to sunbathe both in the summertime and the wintertime.  He loved to be outdoors, sometimes it was hard to get him to come in.  And of course, he loved the snow.  He was a husky of course!  And sometimes, he just couldn’t decided if he wanted to be in or out, so he did a little of both!

He was beautiful, gorgeous even, with that one green eye and that one grey-blue eye.  My fluffy monster, always into something, not knowing any better (or maybe he did) and was just bored of the ho-hum and wanted to liven up the place by stealing something he shouldn’t have.

We all love you so much Ty.  Thanks for all good times, and the wonderful memories.

You will have a place in my heart forever.  I hope you’re having fun in doggie heaven, pulling that proverbial sled across the snow laden skies.

Bringing Home My New Puppy…

Where did I leave off in my last post?  Oh, you didn’t read it, better go and read that one first! 

So, practically ten minutes after reading her email saying we come and see him, we were in the car and off to Pennsylvania.  Just to remind you, here’s that picture that stole my heart away:

It took a little over two hours to get there.  I was impressed with their facilities.  They are called D and J Kennels.  If you are interested in Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes, I would highly recommend obtaining a puppy through them.  They have been breeding for twenty-two years, and everything looked very professional. The also provide boarding services if you are in their area, at a very affordable price.  The land was clean, freshly mowed, nice green grass.  They has a nice home and pool.  The Kennel was behind the house.  Nice looking, and when you walked in, there were no nasty smells.  There were no smells of cleaner either.  It just smelled fresh.  They made a very good impression on me.

First they showed us the Dame (Mom) named Heidi and the Sire (Dad) named Conner.  They are beautiful animals.  All of their dogs looked healthy, beautiful, and well cared for.

Here is the Dame, Heidi:

Here is the Sire, Conner:

Beautiful aren’t they.  Heidi is normally about 85 pounds and Conner is 100 pounds with his winter coat.

Then we went and looked at the puppy.  He was ready for us, playing with his sister.  So cute and adorable, I just had to have him.

So, we adopted Blake on August 13, 2011 at eight weeks old and thirteen pounds. (insert lucky number 13!)

Me and my Baby Blake

Blake is a purebred, AKC Certified, Alaskan Malamute.  He comes from a great bloodline of Malamutes, of which his grandfather was a showdog.  We have high hopes for Blake becoming as beautiful and strong as his Dame and Sire.

Little Blake made himself comfortable for the two and something hour ride home.  He stretched out over my lap and put his head on the console, where he could be front and center for some nice and cold air conditioning.

Blake Baby Sleeping in the Car

Blake Baby Sleeping

We finally got home.  This was a whole-day trip that was unplanned. And we ended up with a new puppy! I couldn’t be happier, except I was very tired from the drive and I did not sleep well the night before.  At home, we were unprepared for puppyhood.  We didn’t have any puppy pads, so we just put newspapers down in a corner as a way to start house training him. But you know what? When he had to pee…he went right to the paper! And he has every single time!  Certainly impressive for an eight week old puppy!

The meeting of the dogs… we brought Blake in and let in get accustomed to his surroundings and kept Zeke outside for a few minutes.  Then we brought Zeke in and held on to him (just to make sure).  They looked at each other, and then suddenly, little Blake started barking (and it’s an adorable little bark too!) at Zeke.  I would have imagined it to go the other way around, but I guess little Blake was introducing himself to Zeke.  They then sniffed each other, and checked each other out, and I suppose they approve of each other.  Zeke has grumbled at Blake a few times, but Zeke is like an old man, he grumbles a lot anyway.  Blake barks and make noises too.  The funniest thing I’ve seen so far is one the times they were sniffing each other, Blake was sniffing Zeke’s pee-pee, licked it (gross, I know, but dogs do that) and then bit it!  Zeke yelped (I guess so!).

So, in the whole two days we’ve had Blake, he’s been a blast.  He cuddly, adorable, playful, beautiful, and I want to just love him all up.  He has slept right by my side on the floor next to the couch both nights so far.  We haven’t figured out a plan for nights, as I will not be sleeping on the couch until he’s house broken.  Even in the middle of the night, he goes to the newspaper and does his business.  I’m still very impressed by this.  We are now trying to catch him walking over to the paper, and taking him outside to go potty.  And when he goes potty outside he gets a treat!

Here are some pictures I have taken so far:

Taking a nap with his toys

Look at those eyes!

Out for the count...AND check out the paws!

Mommy, no pictures while I'm eating, please!

Cuddled up on the couch for his nap

I very much look forward to seeing little baby Blake grow up into a full-grown beautiful, majestic Alaskan Malamute.

And hopefully, thru my blogging, you will join me on this journey.


Picking a Puppy Already??

Well, Jon and I always said we were a two-dog family.  It just works better that way.  Jon has “his” dog, Zeke (the German Shepherd mix), and well, my baby was Ty, who we laid to rest two weeks ago.  It broke my heart to let him go, but it was the best decision for him and for us.  It’s not fair to allow a pet to suffer just so you can spend more time with him. He had a good life, and now he is in doggie heaven, taking naps, eating ice cubes, doing gymnastics, and looking for a sled to pull around.

Jon and I have been looking, just looking at other dogs for about a week.  We had no plans on getting another doggie right away.  At first we were looking at tamaskans.  Tamasksans are a relatively new breed – originating from inported USA sled type dogs and mixed with Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and German Shepherd, then they were exported to Finland where more recently other sled type dogs have been added to improve the American Tamaskan breed.  The purpose was to create a dog that has a ferral (wolflike, wildish) appearance with working ability, and range in weight from 60-80 pounds.   We had talked about getting a tamaskan in the future for some time.  We love their appearance, and the breeds they come from all our favorites – Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and German Shepherd.  And the kicker was they looked like a wolf.  I love everything about wolves.  They’re just cool.

Here’s a few pictures of Tamaskans:

As we looked further into getting a tamaskan in the last week, we found that there are very few breeders on the East Coast.  And I wouldn’t feel comfortable flying a puppy to me.  I would rather drive and get him, hopefully meeting his mom and dad so I can get a chance to see what he will look when he’s all grown up.  A few of the breeders weren’t going to have litters anytime soon, but you go on a waiting list for a down payment of $200 – $400, depending on the breeder.  The one breeder Jon really liked didn’t do waiting lists – when his doggie got pregnant, he would send out questionnaires for potential owners to fill out and send back in (like an application?).  Out of those questionnaires he receives back, he would pick the potential owners he thought would be most suitable for his puppies.  To make sure you were serious you would have to put down $200 (nonrefundable).  Then he would do (check this out) a credit check, an employment check, a background check “and so on” as he said in his email. I don’t what else “and so on” could possible mean, isn’t that more than enough.  I mean, I understand you want your pups to go to good homes, but really?  I didn’t feel comfortable with all this background investigation work this man felt he needed to do.  I know the tamaskan breeders a tight knit group of people, but this was when we decided to look other breeds.

So, we searched on.  Jon was interested in getting a full-blooded German Shepherd.  But I told him we already have Zeke.  And when the day comes (a long, long, time from now!) when Zeke is no longer with us, then it would time to get a full-blooded German Shepherd.  That would be Jon’s dog anyway.  We’re looking at options for “my dog” right now :) So, the German Shepherd was out, for now.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the “perfect” German Shepherd:

I like the big fluffy doggies, so I suggested a Samoyed.  Samoyeds are big white fluffy dogs, ranging between 45-60 pounds full size.  They are a gentle breed, not good a guard dog, and are very intelligent.  I had an American Eskimo, Nevada, when I was younger, which looks very much like a Samoyed, but about half the size.  Jon said he didn’t want to get a dog that resembled Nevada.  So, the Samoyed was out too.

Here’s a picture of a Samoyed:

Moving on to other possible breeds, we started looking at Alaskan Malamutes.  Yes, they resemble Siberian Huskies, but they have their own unique traits and personalities that make them very different.  So we started looking into Alaskan Malamutes (NOT Giant Alaskan Malamutes, I’m not crazy, nor do I own a ranch for my dogs to run freely on…) Alaskan Malamutes are largest and oldest of the Arctic sled dogs, possessing great strength and endurance, so they are highly athletic.  They have a thick, coarse overcoat, and a lighter undercoat in the winter, with a plumed tail, usually curled over the back.  Their colors can range from white, light grey, to black, to sable, and sometimes red.  My preference is black and white.  They have face markings, including a cap on the head, and a bar or mask on the face.  Alaskan Malamutes are majestic and dignified, affectionate and friendly, and make for a great family dog.  They can be strong willed, so training is needed.  But in my opinion, training is needed with any dog.

Here are some pictures of adult Alaskan Malamutes:

So, the Alaskan Malamute, was this to be our next puppy?  Jon and I started looking online for Alaskan Malamute puppies.  We saw lots of puppies available in far away states, but not too many available nearby.  But then I saw a cute little male puppy, in Pennsylvania.  He was adorable. Gorgeous. Perfect.  So I sent an email inquiry about him to the kennel.  I received an email back Saturday morning saying he was still available and we could come up that day to look at him, and his parents if we wanted to.

Here is the picture the stole my heart away:

So, what did Jon and I do?

Got directions, hopped in the car and headed for Pennsylvania, of course.

What else did you think was going to happen?

Now, you’ll just have to wait for the next post about the little Alaskan Malamute puppy that stole my heart away.

First a Move to WordPress, and now a Facebook Fan Page Too!

I first started blogging on blogspot.com, and it was east to control, manipulate, post, etc.  But I heard the WordPress was a much better platform for serious bloggers.  And that’s my ultimate plan, to be a more “serious” blogger.  

I want to spread the word about how to save money in this economy, using coupons, finding freebies, tracking sales, online codes, online cool dealing sites, etc.  I also like sharing about other bloggers’ giveaways ( and begin doing my own giveaways too!), giving my friends and readers a chance to win some great products.  I addition, I want to share about the daily “fun and exciting” life of the Miller family.  I like to share about the happenings of the Miller household.

Hopefully you will join me in my blogging adventure and will like my page on Facebook Hershey Wishes and Kisses.

Jonathan and Crimson

Hershey Wishes and Kisses

Crimson, author of Hershey Wishes and Kisses