Puppy Starter Kit Deal from Petsmart

Do you have a puppy or are you planning on adopting one in the near future?  The Petsmart New Puppy Starter Kit is for you!

Valued at over $130 (including the in-store coupons in the Kit), this $19.99 Puppy Stater Kit is one fabulous deal!  The kit contains:

  • Free Small Bag of Specialty Puppy food (up to $15 value)
  • Free Puppy Bath, Brush, & More at the Grooming Salon (up to $10.99 value)
  • Free One-Hour Puppy Orientation Training Seminar ($20 value)
  • Two Free Doggie Day Camp Sessions (up to $25 value per session)
  • Free Vet Consultation at Banfield (min. $34.95 value)
  • Save $10 on Banfield Microchip
  • Save $10 on Bayer K9 Advantix II six pack
  • Save $10 on Bayer Advantage II six pack
  • Save $5 on GNC Pets Puppy Multivitamins
  • and much, much more!

Note: Note that all coupons included in the kit are valid in PetSmart stores only.  Puppy Starter Kits are available for purchase online for US only (Promotion includes FREE Shipping!) Canada & Puerto Rico customers: Visit your local PetSmart store to buy your Puppy Starter Kit.

On Petsmart’s website, they also have a Petsmart Puppy 101 page where they very useful information on Health and Nutrition, Potty Training, Health Care, Grooming, Training and much more!

On the Puppy 101 page, you can also register your puppy, and Petsmart will email to you over $100 in Petsmart Coupons over a two to three month period.  You’ll also find a Puppy Checklist to help you gather all the products you need when bringing home your new puppy.

If you have a new puppy or are planning to adopt one, please leave me a comment and tell me where you got your puppy, his breed, and how you decided on their name.  Jon and I are in the process of adopting a German Shepherd Rescue from the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue Organization.  I’ll be posting about our journey for a new rescue dog soon!

UPS My Choice – Sign up for Free!

I signed up UPS MY Choice a few months ago, and I love knowing when I have a package arriving at my house, and if necessary, I can re-route packages if I am not going to be home on the delivery day!

Sign up for UPS My Choice, completely FREE, and get a delivery schedule that fits your life! Get alerts before packages arrive, Electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options.

To sign up, you must enter valid name, username, password, and address.

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