Love to Read Books…Check out PaperBackSwap!

Do you love to read books (you know the old fashion kind, the real ones physically have to turn the pages =D) like I do? Don’t get me wrong, I love my tablet/kindle too, but nothing replaces a good ole’ book…

I want to share a hidden great find online that I came across a few years ago… this awesome site PaperBackSwap. PaperBackSwap is an an internet site dedicated to posting and trading your books amongst it members!

How does it work?  Well, it a credit system.  You post the books you are willing to trade, and for every book you send out, you get a credit.  That credit is worth one book you can get from someone else.  How awesome is that?!?  You just post your books, and search for the ones you want to have.  That’s what makes PaperBackSwap an incredible site, in my opinion anyway.  You save tons of money from having to purchase books, books are being read and traded all the time, and the only thing your are responsible for is the minimum shipping cost of the books you send out (which typically is only $250 – $3.00 a book).  But keep in mind when you RECEIVE a book, you don’t pay a thing!

I just used two of my credits and requested two books.  I look forward to seeing them in the mail in next week or so.

I invite you to join me a PaperBackSwap and start sharing your books!