Covergirl and Olay Foundation & Pressed Powder – A BzzAgent Product Review

These are my favorite type of product reviews – beauty products!  If you know me, you know that I love my makeup.  Love, Love, Love.  And there is no exaggeration there at all.  I am completely serious.

Warning:  The following review contains graphic photos of me without any makeup.  View at your own discretion.  Just kidding! =)

As a BzzAgent, I was accepted into the Covergirl and Olay Campaign, which means I was provided the Covergirl and Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation and Pressed Powder for this review.  As always, the opinions expressed herein are my honest opinion of these products.

I started wearing makeup when I was 12.  I would sneak it to school and put on makeup in the bathroom before school started.  Nothing major, just eyeshadow and blush to begin with, but the makeup monster within was born.  From then on, I knew I was in love with makeup.  Not because I thought I needed it, but because I liked it.  I liked (and still do) the the way makeup enhances your natural features.

When I was 16, my best friend and I started wearing foundation.  We liked the Covergirl liquid foundation and pressed powder.  It had this distinctive scent that I can still remember.  I loved it.

Fast forward a few years, and my makeup skills and needs have evolved.  These days, I typically use a mineral powder foundation – I have found the mineral powder foundations to generally have a better coverage and more natural look than liquid foundations.  And it’s easier to avoid that “line” along your chin with the mineral foundations (which by the way, you shouldn’t have if you have the correct color foundation).  But I thought it would be fun to try a liquid foundation again, especially since its Covergirl.

Covergirl has teamed with Olay to produce Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation that combines foundation any hydrating serum that covers fine lines and wrinkles and helps to hydrate skin to improve it over time.  The Covergirl & Olay Pressed Powder helps to brighten skin while softening the look of imperfections in a unique formula that doesn’t look heavy or cakey.

Now, for the review.

First, a photo of me, clean face, sans makeup, with only moisturizer on my face.

Next, I applied the Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab Foundation with a foundation brush.  When applying liquid foundation, I suggest starting with your forehead working from the center of the face out, then under the eyes, again from the center of the face out.  This helps to avoid that “line” I was talking about before.  There has always been the debate between using your fingers, a sponge, or a brush to apply foundation.  Here’ my take:  if you use your fingers, you are guaranteed to get an uneven application, if you use a sponge, you lose a bunch of your foundation to the sponger (it just soaks it up), not to mention sponges are known to harbor bacteria, so I prefer a foundation brush.  You can get a nice, even application of the foundation, and brushes are easily washed (and should be on a regular basis).  After the foundation, I lightly patted a thin layer of pressed powder all over my face.  Here I am with the Covergirl & Olay foundation and powder only:

To finish, I applied a little bronzer, blush, a few shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip tint.  Here’s the finished me:

My thoughts on the Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab foundation:  It applies well, has a good, thick, silky consistency, and applied very easily and evenly over my face.  It had good coverage, and the color matched my skin tone perfectly, so there was no issue the the “line.”

My thoughts on the Covergirl & Olay Pressed Powder:  I found the powder puff applicator that came with the compact to be a bit cheap, so I bought another one that was better quality and used that with the powder.  That made all the difference in the world in application.  I really like the pressed powder, it comes off onto the applicator in light layers, so application is very light and translucent.  And it finishes off the foundation very well.

My conclusions:  I think the foundation is very good quality and works very well.  For me however, it has too much coverage and is a little too thick for my needs.  The pressed powder however, has found a permanent home in my purse.  I love it for touch ups.  I would recommend both products to friends and family.

Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent – Product Review & FREE Sample

I’m a  member of Crowdtap – a platform that allows to brands and consumers to interact, and promote that magical Word of Mouth Marketing.  As a part of Crowdtap, I was accepted into the Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent Campaign.

Crowdtap sent me samples for me to try and to share with my friends.  Unfortunately, the package of samples was damaged in transit, and I didn’t receive all my samples.  Instead of making a fuss, I made the best of the samples I did receive, giving them to those I knew who would try the samples and give me their honest feedback.

Now for the feedback from the samples:  three out of the four friends that I gave samples to really liked Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent.  They liked the pleasant scent of the detergent, and how unique an idea it is to create a detergent made just for keeping your dark clothes intense.  The fourth friend said the detergent was okay, but was not impressed with its ability to clean soiled clothes.

I gave all my samples away to friends because I have tried Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent before, and I like enough to use it on my dark clothes loads.  I have found that the detergent helps to keep black t-shirts, jeans, undies, nightgowns, and work clothes their original intense black color.  I have not noticed any fading in these clothes since I started using Woolite Extra Dark Care  on these clothes.  I like the scent of the detergent.  But I agree with my “fourth” friend — it isn’t the best detergent to use on soiled clothing, I have found that it is not the best detergent for soiled or stinky clothes.

If you want to try Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent for yourself, head on HERE.  Once you have received your sample, please come back and let me know if you like it as much as I do!




Dry Idea – Review, Giveaway, and Sweepstakes! CLOSED

As a Purex Insider, I love being able to try out exciting products, write my reviews, and sometimes best of all, be able to host giveaways to you, of the products I that tried.  And no, since the group is called ‘Purex Insiders,’ it’s not just laundry products! =)

This time, I was given the opportunity to try Dry Idea Advanced Dry Roll-On Antiperspirant.   For more information about Dry Idea Deodorants, check them out on Facebook!  For this review, I was sent a full-size bottle to review.  To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I used a roll-on antiperspirant.  Since they came out on the market, I’ve stuck to the “clinical strength/protection” products, thinking they work better, but to be honest, lately I haven’t been too sure.  I do switch back and forth between brands, but always have stayed within that “clinical strength/protection” realm.  At any rate, I was more than happy to try Dry Idea.

When I applied Dry Idea, it dried quickly (I was very happy about that, I was afraid I would be flapping my arms around like a chicken with it being a roll-on, but there was none of that – that would be the Fast-drying MicroCotton Formula!).  And Day One of Dry Idea testing was very much a test:  It was in the high 90s in the Mid-Atlantic!  Oh my goodness!  But thankfully, Dry Idea came through, and kept me dry and odor-free throughout the entire day.  They weren’t kidding about the 24 hour protection, the stuff lasted ALL day long!  Day Two of the Dry Idea testing:  Heat Wave continues, it hit over 100 (I don’t care for weather this hot…who the heck does??)… but the Dry Idea Antiperspirant came though in strides!  It kept dry throughout the entire day, and yes, I even had to trek outside at one point, and not just to get in my car.  =)

 So, want to win some moolah?  

Here’s the $1,000 Dry Idea Advanced Dry Sweepstakes! There is one Grand Prize at $500 and ten Second Place Prizes for $50 each!  Enter here!  (FREE money, hello?!?)

And for the all important GIVEAWAY! =)

I mean, apart from winning the sweepstakes, which would be totally awesome, and you should enter (like I said, FREE money, where can you go wrong there?!?) the GIVEAWAY is FREE PRODUCTS!

Two lucky readers will win coupons for One FREE Dry Idea Advanced Dry Antiperspirant.  To enter all you need to do is leave a comment and tell me what aspect of an antiperspirant is the most important to you.  This giveaway will end Saturday, July 7th at 11:59pm EST.  The winners will be chosen at random and will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond.

Disclosure:  Dry Idea provided me a sample of their Advanced Dry Roll-On for this review.  My participation is completely voluntary, and as always, my opinions are all my own. 

Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles Review and Coupon

The Product:  Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles are proven to improve the way you feel in heels.  The unique design helps prevent foot aches and pains caused by heels two inches and higher.  Plus, the ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off the ball of your foot while providing guaranteed all-day comfort.  How to use:  Place on top of your current insole, no trimming required, replace every six months or at first signs of wear.

  • Helps prevent foot pain caused by high heels
  • Proven to improve the way you feel in heels
  • Unique ultra-soft FabuSTEP® gel arch shifts pressure off your ball of foot
  • Immediate and all day comfort
  • Stays firmly in place
  • Removable without damage to shoes
  • Slim design won’t make shoes feel tight
  • Practically invisible, even in strappy heels

The Review:  I received a a pair of Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles for participating in the Dr. Scholl’s for Her BzzAgent Campaign and sharing my honest opinions on the product, just as I am doing here.

I decided to try out the insoles when my husband and I were going to the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Exposition in DC, where we would be doing lots of walking – as we would be taking the metro into the city.  Here is m review, from the very beginning…After reviewing the insole and deciding they were a very nice looking product to be putting in the bottom of a shoe, I inserted the insole, and the first thing I noticed was the shape – in particular, the insole ends before the toes, so it gives you more toe room in those shoes that skimp on toe room (you know the ones I am talking about). Also, it’s self-adhesive, but not permanent, so if you don’t get the placement right the first time, you can adjust (or if you’re like me, move them from shoe to shoe =D).

Once we got to the Metro Station and really started walking around, I could tell a big difference with the insole being in my shoes.  The insoles gave the perfect amount of support for all the walking we did (from the car to the metro, from the metro, to the convention center, around the exposition and all the way back).  And for me, someone with back and leg problems, that’s quite an accomplishment.  put it this way – we had my foldable cane in the backpack just in case my pain got bad, and in case it got really bad, we could have gotten a wheelchair for the exposition (we’ve only had to do that a few times in rare cases of pain flare ups when it has gotten really bad).  Luckily, however, with a pain management program and good healthcare practitioners and lifestyle (trying) its not getting worse.

OK, sorry about the tangent, back to the insoles… I would say the helped a great deal with the amount of stamina I had in walking because my feet did start to hurt, I was putting pressure on the balls of my feet, and pressure was not running up my legs.  I also think it was helping me stand correctly, because of the supports. which  is terrific!

Even after getting home, and the day after, which is when I would really feel walking around like that in my feet in legs, I did feel a bit sore (because I am out of shape), but my feet felt just fine.  I look forward to wearing these insoles again and again in different shoes throughout the summer, and I look forward to the relief they will provide, just as they did this review.  I fully recommend the Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles for anyone looking to make their pretty shoes more comfortable, too!

Click HERE for a $2 off any Dr. Scholl’s For Her Product and many more Dr. Scholl’s Coupons!